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  1. Easy installation and configuration.
  2. The proficient and simple booking process.
  3. Unlimited staff, services categories, and their time slots can be added.
  4. Admin can add locations for Services.
  5. Admin can assign locations to Staff.
  6. Customers can select any ‘service type’ related to the selected service category.
  7. Customers can select any ‘staff’ from the list with whom service will be delivered.
  8. Time and day can be selected from the available days of selected staff.
  9. Booked Appointment can be seen in Calendar and in Appointment.
  10. Holidays can be marked against every individual staff.
  11. Payment will get done through the ‘payment gateway’. All payment gateways of gravity form add-ons can be utilized as payment gateway activation.
  12. Customers can add appointments to Google Calendar.
  13. Synchronize all your appointments to Google Calendar.
  14. Conditional Logic.
  15. ‘Emails triggers’ to admin, customers, and staff on specified cases.
  16. Gravity Forms Booking supports multistep forms as well.
  17. Gravity Forms Booking also supports the Gravity Forms Preview Add-on.
  18. Gravity Forms Booking also supports RTL functionality.
  19. Also Mobile Responsive works well on Mobile and Tablet devices.
  20. The calendar is now available in the Gravity Forms Booking, where the admin sets the Staff and Service, and the customer has to select the appointment date only.
  21. The admin OR staff can now set the time zones for the specific staff so the customer can book the appointment according to their time zones.
  22. Timeslots can now be set for all the days of the week for the staff.
  23. The admin OR staff can now change the appointment status.
  24. The admin can now assign the off days of the staff.
  25. Added Price and Appointment policies in General Settings.
  26. Added Display tab in settings for calendar display color in General Settings.
  27. Added Full Day Appointment.
  28. Allow Decimal in Price.
  29. Added Email Configuration in General Settings.
  30. Hide Slot Capacity.
  31. Event Based Bookings.
  32. Option for Admin to book Appointment from backend.
  33. Email Templates (Reminder Emails).
  34. Mollie Payment Addon Integration.

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