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Book Online Appointments with Bookings for Gravity Forms Plugin

Bookings For Gravity Forms plugin is an online appointment bookings plugin that manages all online appointments within Gravity Forms. You can create any booking form with calendar using Google Calendar for businesses. It is an easy-to-use and the best WordPress booking plugin that makes online appointment booking seamless. 

Compatibility with Bookings for Gravity Forms Plugin 

All-in-one premium WordPress Bookings plugin for scheduling appointments 

Simplify your online booking journey with this premium and the WordPress bookings plugin with a few clicks.

Bookings for Gravity Forms plugin is 100% mobile-friendly. It is seamless to make online appointment bookings on the go! Online anywhere, anytime.

Gravity Bookings Plugin Main Features

No more missed booking appointments or complaints from customers 

Hide Slot Capacity

Disable staff’s available slot capacity to hide it from users 

Event Based Bookings

Add “Special Day” or custom slots to create an event-based booking. 

Book Appointment From Backend

By using this client booking form plugin, an admin can book an appointment on behalf of a user through the backend   

Reminder Email Templates 

Remind users about their upcoming appointments using customizable pre-made email template 

Mollie Payment Gateway Integration   

Use renowned payment gateway Mollie to accommodate more users

Location Filter

Location-based appointment filtering functionality

Multiple Form Services Option

Option to add multiple services on multiple forms

Book Auto-Time Slot for Customers

This Google booking form plugin auto-generates booking slots with a time range  

One-Way Sync With Google Calendar

This client booking form plugin enables you to sync Gravity Forms Bookings with Google Calendar. 

Display Multiple Dates For Holidays

Show multiple dates on/off time on calendar.

Dynamic Email Templates

Dynamic templates personalized event emails.

Cancel Appointment Feature

Use shortcodes to cancel appointments

Custom Labels

Change the label for locations, services, and staff members

Staff Duration and Independent Interval

Set independent interval and duration for each staff member

Multiple Bookings In One Slot

This Google booking form plugin enables users to have the option to book multiple time slots simultaneously.  

Calendar Colors Display Tab

Customizable calendar background gradient.

Full day Appointment

Admins can Schedule day-long worldwide appointments.

Easy Installation & Configuration

Install and configure this plugin without any technical complexity.

Customize Your Booking Form

For creating a client booking form, Gravity Booking gives your booking form a look that best suits your business’s identity.  

Easily Extract Data

Export all the appointment data easily in both CSV and PDF format.

Display Service Category

Customers choose from service categories.

Multiple Payment Methods

Pay securely with fast and easy payment methods.

Calendar or List View

Display all the booked appointments in the calendar and list view.

Mobile Responsive

Give your website a mobile-friendly view for the customers’ ease.

Unlimited Booking Rules

Unlimited booking rules: staff, categories, slots.

Email Alerts & Notifications

This gravity forms plugin enables you to send instant email notifications to customers  

Mark Holidays & Days-off

Mark holidays OR Day off to alert customers

Multi-Step Forms

Premium bookings plugin with multi-step forms for client appointments  

RTL Text Functionality

RTL support for easy appointments by clients in RTL languages

Pricing and Appointment Policies

Both Admin & staff access pricing policy, change statuses.

Add-to-my-Calendar Button

Instantly add appointments to Google Calendar.

Smart Break Scheduler

Schedule breaks by adding them to any space available in the calendar.

Create Global Services Booking Forms

Create booking forms for global service-based businesses.

Managing Time Zones for Employees

Set and manage time zones for employees (local and global).

Google Calendar Two-way sync

Directly book an appointment using this gravity forms plugin from the website or let the admin create a booking on behalf of the customer  

Outlook 365 Calendar Integration

The latest version lets you connect the Outlook 365 calendar to the website

Multiple Day

Users can book different appointments of different staff personnel on various dates

Dynamic Fields option for Google Sync

Admin can select various fields that will remain synced with Google calendar

Export/Import Data in CSV/PDF 

Now you can extract the booking data in CSV and PDF formats 

Multiple Custom Slots Booking 

Users can select different time slots to book appointments with a particular staff member on the same or different dates for any service.

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Bookings for Gravity Forms Is The Best WordPress Bookings Plugin For Client Management

More and more businesses are using the Gravity Forms Bookings plugin for their client management needs. Gravity Booking is adaptable to each type of business to create a comprehensive online booking form. This WordPress booking form plugin has something for every business. 

Legal Appointment Booking System

Offer legal consultancy services to your potential clients easily using the Gravity Forms Booking plugin.

Doctors & Clinics Appointments

Gravity Forms Booking enables doctors and private clinics display available slots and staff availability for clinical services.

Spa Salon Appointments

Offer beauty care services to your customers with an all-in-one solution for spa and salon businesses.  

Tutor Booking

Make tutor appointment scheduling easy with Gravity Booking. Book tutors with a few clicks.  

Therapists Booking

Gravity Booking form plugin enables therapists to display slots & staff availability for therapy services.

Dental Appointment Booking

Offer dentistry services by using Gravity Booking Form plugin. Its an easy and fast way to book online dental appointments. 

Restaurant Bookings

Offer online dine-in reservation services at a physical location for your restaurants using Gravity Booking form plugin.  

Movies & Entertainment Ticket Booking

Make movie ticket and entertainment events booking easy on your website using this Gravity Booking. 

Gym and Sports Booking 

Book appointments for different training and gym sessions with the gym trainers via Gravity Forms Booking.      

Bus/Cab Booking Service

Gravity Booking is perfect for managing cab booking services as it accepts bus/cab booking requests on available slots. 

Repair & Maintenance Centers

Book repair and maintenance staff on your WordPress website using Gravity Forms Booking. 

Tickets Booking

Book online tickets for the zoo, amusement park, musical concerts, and carnivals using Gravity Booking. 


Elevate Your Brand with Fully Customized Booking Forms

Experience the convenience of customizing your online booking forms with the Gravity Booking plugin. Showcase your business’s unique identity by creating an online booking form that seamlessly aligns with your brand, creating a familiar and professional experience for your clients.

Stay Organized with WordPress Google Calendar Booking Integration

Never miss an appointment again with Gravity Booking’s instant Google Calendar synchronization. Manage your online booking appointments on the go and have the peace of mind that all your bookings are up-to-date and easily accessible. With Gravity Booking, you get the flexibility and freedom to manage your calendar anytime, anywhere.

Offer a Variety of Services with Multiple Online Booking Form Options

Expand your reach and provide the best experience for your clients by offering a diverse range of services through multiple online booking forms. As an appointment booking WordPress plugin, Bookings for Gravity Forms makes it easy to manage and organize your services. It ensures a smooth and efficient booking process for your clients, which leads to an exceptional user experience.

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