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How To Get Gravity Booking Plugin From Freemius?

How To Get Gravity Booking Plugin From Freemius?

For WordPress websites, plugins are building blocks that enhance core functionality and extend your website’s capabilities. Whether you’re looking to add a contact form for your online store or service, there’s likely a plugin to streamline the process.

But with countless plugins available from various sources, finding the right one can be overwhelming. Freemius offers a user-friendly platform for discovering, installing, and managing plugins for your WordPress site.

What is Freemius?

Freemius is a powerful platform that acts as a bridge between WordPress plugin developers and website owners. It provides developers with a comprehensive suite of tools for distributing their plugins, handling licensing, processing payments, and managing subscriptions.

Freemius is a centralized marketplace where website owners can explore various plugins catering to diverse needs and functionalities.

Here’s a breakdown of Freemius’ core functionalities:

  • Plugin Distribution: Freemius offers developers a streamlined platform for distributing their plugins to a wider audience. This eliminates the need for individual plugin repositories and simplifies users’ update processes.
  • Licensing and Subscription Management: Freemius handles license activation and management for free and premium plugins. This ensures users have the correct licenses for their installed plugins and allows developers to control access to premium features.
  • Payment Processing: For premium plugins, Freemius provides a secure platform for users to purchase licenses and manage subscriptions. This eliminates the need for website owners to integrate separate payment gateways.

Beyond these core functionalities, Freemius also operates a thriving Freemius Marketplace. This marketplace offers a vast collection of plugins categorized by functionality and popularity. With Freemius, finding the right plugin for your WordPress website becomes smooth and efficient.

3 Ways to Get Plugins from Freemius

Freemius offers website owners multiple ways to acquire plugins, catering to different needs and preferences. Here’s a closer look at the available options:

1. Freemium Model:

A popular approach adopted by many developers is the freemium model. This model offers plugins with both free and premium features. The free versions provide basic functionality, allowing you to test the plugin and see if it meets your needs.

Freemium plugins from Freemius often have limitations, such as restricted features, usage quotas, or branding placements. These limitations encourage users to upgrade to the premium version for the full features and functionalities.

Here are some benefits of using the free versions of Freemius plugins:

  • Test Before You Buy: The free versions allow you to experiment with the plugin’s core functionalities before committing to a purchase. This is a great way to ensure the plugin integrates seamlessly with your website and fulfills your basic needs.
  • Reduced Costs: Free plugins offer a cost-effective way to add basic functionalities to your website. This can particularly benefit budget-conscious website owners or those just starting out.
  • Discover Valuable Tools: The Freemius Marketplace allows you to explore a wide range of plugins, potentially uncovering hidden gems that offer the functionalities you need without requiring a premium upgrade.

2. Purchasing Premium Plugins:

For functionalities beyond the limitations of the free versions, Freemius allows you to seamlessly purchase premium plugins directly through their platform. The purchasing process is straightforward and secure, with various payment methods available, including credit cards and PayPal.

Moreover, some developers offer subscription plans for their premium plugins. These plans allow users to pay a recurring fee for ongoing access and updates.

Purchasing Premium Plugin

3. Free Trials and Demos:

Some premium plugins from Freemius offer free trials or demos. These trial periods allow you to experience the plugin’s full capabilities before making a purchase decision. This is a valuable option for plugins with complex features, allowing you to assess their suitability for your specific needs before committing financially.

How to Get Gravity Booking using Freemius

Gravity Booking is an online appointment booking form plugin developed in WordPress. You can only access Gravity Forms Booking via Freemius to access the platform’s website.

Freemius provides Gravity Booking with its checkout functionality. All you need is to:

Go to the pricing page

Select the pricing plan as per your need

Here, you will see the checkout interface. This checkout interface is linked with Freemius.

4 Key Benefits of Using Freemius Plugins

There are several advantages to using plugins acquired through the Freemius platform for both website owners and developers:

Streamlined Updates and Management:

Freemius simplifies the plugin update and management process. Updates for Freemius plugins are delivered directly through your WordPress dashboard, eliminating the need to download and upload plugin files manually. This ensures your plugins are always up-to-date with the latest bug fixes and security patches.

Automatic Licensing:

Freemius handles license activation and management automatically.  Once you purchase a premium plugin, your license is automatically activated and linked to your website. This eliminates manual license key management, saving you time and effort.

Seamless Payments and Subscriptions:

Freemius provides a secure platform for handling plugin purchases and subscriptions. You can securely purchase premium plugins using various payment methods directly within the Freemius interface. Freemius also manages recurring subscription fees associated with premium plugins, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Access to Premium Features:

Upgrading to the premium versions of Freemius plugins gives you access to a wider range of functionalities and advanced features. These features can significantly enhance your website’s capabilities, improve user experience, and streamline your workflow.

For example, a free contact form plugin might offer basic functionality like capturing names and emails. However, the premium version might offer additional features like email autoresponders, conditional logic, and integrations with marketing automation tools.

Wrap Up

Freemius offers a valuable platform for website owners and developers within the WordPress ecosystem.  Freemius provides a convenient and centralized location for website owners to discover, install, and manage plugins, catering to diverse website needs. The availability of free and premium plugins, along with streamlined updates, automatic licensing, and secure payment processing, make Freemius an attractive option.

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