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Gravity Booking v.2.4.5 – Release Note

Gravity Booking v.2.4.5 – Release Note

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Elevating your experience with all-new Bookings for Gravity Forms v2.4.5. We are thrilled to introduce the latest version of Bookings for Gravity Forms v2.4.5. This comprehensive update brings powerful features and improvements to enhance your online booking experience.

What’s New in Bookings for Gravity Forms v2.4.5:

Google Calendar Two-Way Sync

Seamlessly synchronize your bookings with Google Calendar, ensuring your schedule is always current. Whether you’re managing appointments, events, or meetings, this two-way sync offers you unparalleled convenience.

Outlook 365 Calendar Integration

Your scheduling process just got even more versatile. Integrating your bookings with Outlook 365 Calendar allows you to effortlessly coordinate and track your events, making it a valuable addition for those who rely on Outlook 365. 

Multiple Day Bookings 

We understand that scheduling isn’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why we’ve introduced support for multiple-day bookings. Whether you’re arranging extended events, workshops, or special occasions, you can now accommodate a broader range of customer needs. 

Dynamic Fields Option for Google Sync

Flexibility is at the core of v2.4.5. With dynamic fields for Google Sync, you can customize your bookings, ensuring they capture all the essential details of your events.  

Export/Import Data in CSV/PDF

We’ve made managing your booking data a breeze. The latest version allows you to export and import data in CSV or PDF formats. This feature empowers you with the tools to organize your booking records efficiently.  

Unlock Complete Potential 

After getting a glimpse of new exciting features, are you ready to get started? You can read the complete documentation here. Do you have questions in your head or have some feedback for us? We are all ears. Share your thoughts via email.

Thanks for being a continued user of Bookings for Gravity Forms   


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