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Bookings for Gravity Forms plugin helps therapists to display slots and staff availability for therapy services and consultancy.

Therapy Appointment Booking System

Booking Management

If you're a solo therapist or running a therapy clinic with multiple staff members, the Bookings for Gravity Forms plugin enables you to manage clients' bookings efficiently. Booked appointments can be seen in the calendar as well as the list view.

Slots & Staff Availability

Clients can quickly check on the slots and staff availability and choose their required therapy service to book for their consultation. It reduces the chances of mismanagement, and clients can make an appointment at their convenience.

Services and Fees

Clients can select any 'service category' for an appointment from the list of services with a therapist or staff member's availability. Also, the Bookings for Gravity Forms display multiple payment gateway options to collect fees from therapy clients.

Therapist Pricing For Gravity Booking

Life Time
Single Site



Free Updates For a Year

Most popular

5 Sites



Free Updates For a Year

30 Sites



Free Updates For a Year

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