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8 Advantages of Using Online Appointment Systems for Small Businesses

8 Advantages of Using Online Appointment Systems for Small Businesses

Just imagine a potential customer who has browsed your website and is interested in making an appointment. But when they look for a phone number and email address to connect with you, they only find a pop-up message about filling out the form or leaving a voicemail. Frustrated and overwhelmed, they move on to their competitors. 

This is where an online management system comes to rescue your business. By implementing this system, you can provide an independent way for your customer to book appointments easily with your website, with no need for phone calls and interacting with business representatives. 

prefer online booking

60% of consumers prefer online booking.

In today’s fast-paced world, customers expect efficiency and convenience from businesses, and an online appointment system can provide that. This blog post will explore eight advantages of using an online appointment system for your business, from saving time to increasing customer experience. But before that, learn what an online appointment system is.

What is an Online Appointment System?

The online appointment system is a software tool that lets individuals or organizations schedule appointments, book, and make reservations online. It allows businesses to handle their appointments more efficiently while delivering flexibility and convenience to customers, free to make appointments from anywhere, anytime.

An online appointment system not only brings online business benefits but also gives customers the independence to quickly schedule, reschedule or cancel appointments without having any call or email discussion with the business. It’s best for companies who want to streamline their handling of appointment scheduling while providing the best customer experience.

Impactful Advantages of Using Online Appointment Systems

1. Easy Round-the-Clock Self-Scheduling

No business can entertain customers around the clock without interruption, but when you can make online appointments, that’s not a problem. Many people contact businesses when free to make appointments that mostly happen after your fixed business hours. But an online appointment system lets your business entertain your customers 24/7 and makes them easily book appointments. 

Businesses that don’t offer online booking might miss half of their appointments because 40% are typically scheduled outside regular business hours.

This all-the-time availability of booking appointments will not only make your business easily accessible but also give customers a sense of value that shows the outcome of increasing appointments.

2. Improve Business Revenue

Managing staff and appointments efficiently and without error can be stressful for a small business. Like managing an appointment scheduler, you spend most of your time handling booking calls and explaining services. All these will want extra effort and money from the business. That’s where you should start using an online booking system for a small business.

Business Revenue

Making appointments online with the help of an online appointment system allows your business to offer appointment acceptance 24/7, even when your business is not functional. It means you can increase the booking you receive, leading to more revenue for your business. Also, people like and go for a business that provides online booking because now, no one prefers using the traditional method of booking appointments.

3. Efficient Dashboard to Get Insight

For small businesses, managing the appointments manually is daunting because it requires different individuals’ input, sometimes resulting in errors and inconsistencies in the data entry. 

Although tracking and reporting are timely and expensive, online appointment systems make it easy for you. With a single dashboard, you can track each appointment, from booking to completion, without involving a single person. This easy tracking of the complete process also lets you extract valuable insight to help you make an informed decision. With this analytical dashboard, a business can also access their daily to annual reports, the total appointments that are done, In-process, and pending, and the revenue generated by the company that empowers them to know the bottlenecks and fix them on time without causing any damage to business

For example, imagine you are a small business owner trying to juggle multiple tasks at once, from handling appointments to managing customer inquiries. It can be a black hole for your business because there are massive chances of slipping essential details through the cracks. 

4. Make Payments Effortlessly

Running a business is a stressful balancing act between managing customers, providing excellent service, and keeping appointments in order. But what if you could simplify the process for yourself and your customers? Implementing the online appointment system with easy payment processing. By streamlining your booking process and offering an easy and secure payment method, you can entirely focus on running your business successfully.

Your customers will appreciate the ease and convenience of making an appointment and paying quickly for it online, which can increase customer loyalty and repeat business. With easy access to customer behavior data, you can create custom marketing efforts and streamline operations to meet the needs of your business.

Businesses prefer online payment methods for many reasons.

Learn: How to Add a Payment Gateway to Your Online Appointment System

5. Strengthening Customer Relationship

Just imagine customers moving to your competitors just because of the old traditional method you are using to book appointments, and customers have to call and wait on hold and, worse yet, play phone tag with the receptionist. Sounds scary!

That’s why it’s necessary to have an online booking system because nowadays customers have high expectations when it comes to getting service. With so many options, they are unwilling to settle for anything less. By offering a user-friendly, round-the-clock booking platform, you can show your customers that you value their time and convenience. When customers feel valued, they are more likely to remain loyal to the business.

81% of customers like to do business with companies that offer easy and convenient appointment scheduling options.

6. Manage Appointments to Prevent Overbooking

Imagine you own a restaurant where people can also order food online. But you still use old-fashioned ways to schedule appointments, and your receptionist is doing her best to keep up. But since no advanced features exist, you can only book one appointment for the one-time slot. If you overbook or make a mess, it can affect your customers and your business.

But if you have the restaurant plugin on your WordPress site, you can avoid that trouble. The plugin has all the features you need to make booking easier. Some of the best features are:

  • Add multiple time slots for each day  
  • Create multiple menus
  • Set Up Daily Schedule
  • Defined Hours Of Operation For Each Day Of The Week   
  • Display the online menu anywhere using the shortcode
  • Easy creation of multiple menus
restaurant plugin

7. Reminders for Scheduled Appointments

When running a small business, you must manage your schedule and the individuals coming for appointments within limited resources. However, with online booking, you can set reminders for your clients and their schedules, so they don’t miss their appointments and waste time trying new ones. Also, with a reminder, you’ll know when the next meeting is coming up, so you can make the necessary arrangements for them.

Reminders for Scheduled Appointments

Sending automated reminders to customers minimizes the chances of no-shows. This can help you reduce lost revenue because of missed appointments and never free any slot.

Automated reminders have led to a 29% decrease in no-shows, as reported by Zippia.

As we know, online appointment systems with automated reminders save time for service providers and put staff members free from manually calling customers to confirm the appointments that, help them use their focus on other tasks.

8. Simplify Management to Save Staff Time

As we progress in technological advancement, businesses constantly look for ways to work smarter, not harder. Implementing an online management system is also one step that delivers myriad online business benefits with its game-changing technology, including saving staff time.

Have you ever considered how much your workforce spends on administrative tasks like scheduling, data entry, and reporting? Studies indicate that business that uses technology like online appointment system can reduce the time spent on these tasks by 20%.

This time can be utilized to perform other meaningful tasks.

It’s not just about saving your staff’s time but creating unlimited possibilities to increase productivity. Consider you are in a healthcare business that uses an online management system to make appointments online, track patient data, and take payments all in one place. Just imagine how much it saves your staff time and ensures transparency and consistency.

How Do Gravity Forms Help Small Businesses Achieve Myriad Benefits?

Booking for gravity form is a premium WordPress plugin allowing small businesses to manage online appointments easily. With it, businesses can easily create, manage and book appointments on their website. It is best for businesses that want to focus on their core business without having the tension of managing online appointment scheduling. It’s a very user-friendly plugin that does not require technical knowledge.

It offers various functions that help your business achieve the above-mentioned benefits. Easy setup of Gravity Form with your WordPress website enables your business to keep up with your appointment through your website and let your clients book appointments through their mobile phones. 

The Gravity More addon also allows the customers to review their forms before submission, which minimizes the chances of errors. Automated email and sms notifications also let you send confirmation to customers that ensure that they don’t miss the appointment. In short, we can say that installing this add-on, with beneficial capabilities, makes the appointment scheduling process hassle-free.


Businesses that prefer an online management system to make appointments online can achieve countless benefits and increase productivity and efficiency. Fortunately, this appointment scheduler for small businesses helps companies stay competitive in the crowded market. With user-friendly and affordable solutions like gravity forms, small businesses have never had a better time to take complete advantage of online appointment scheduling. By doing so, they can free up valuable staff time, offer a convenient and excellent customer booking experience and improve their business growth.



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