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Movies and Entertainment (Cinema Ticket Bookings)

Upload booking information from movies and events to various shows worldwide and build customers’ awareness of new releases.

Online Movie Ticket Booking System

Entertainment Stuff Booking

Whether it is a movie, an exhibition, fashion show, or any other entertainment event, booking details can be added to the website with an option of open and closed tickets. Do not let customers miss their favorite shows with newsletters.

Live Show and Offers

Run different live shows on your website for the customers’ engagements and run promotions and discount offers for students, professionals, and extroverts. Add an order tracking button on your website for customers’ convenience.

Location Details

Add filter options that make it easy to find the cinema and show locations based on the customers’ city or country. The google calendar integration helps more to find out the running movie for an easy cinema-going experience.

Movie Ticket Pricing For Gavity Booking

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Free Updates For a Year

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Free Updates For a Year

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Free Updates For a Year

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