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Event Based Booking

  • Navigate to WordPress Admin Dashboard → Gravity Booking → Staff.
  • Now you’re on the Staff page.
  • Create or edit Staff.
  •  Under the Timingssection specify the Booking Type.
Note: For Special Day admin can select any of the Booking Type
  • Select the checkboxes for the Day.
Note : Regardless of whether the admin chooses the day or not from the Timings tab, if it is listed in the special day tab, it will be available.
  • Navigate to the Special day tab.
  • Select the Add New Date button to Add the Special Day.
  • Now Add the Time Duration and Time interval , if not specified the system will fetch the default Duration and Interval from the General settings.
  • Now Add the Time interval.
  • Add the Start Time and End Time.
  • Specify the Date.
  • Add the Slot Capacity.
  • Admin can specify breaks by clicking  Add Break Button.
  • Select the Save Button to save the specific Staff’s setting.
Front-End Impact
Note : The slot for 14:30 PM – 15:00 PM is break with 15 min interval and 30 minute duration.

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