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Display bus & rent a cab booking services to travelers and accept booking requests on available slots. Show driver’s profile, routes, and available seats.

Bus Ticket Booking System

Booking Management:

Whether it's a bus or renting a cab, you can build a booking management system with the Bookings for Gravity Forms plugin to facilitate travelers to different destinations and seat availability. Mention drivers' detail with ease.

Bus, Cab & Seats Availability:

Using the Bookings for Gravity Forms plugin, renting a Bus/Cab service provider can display multiple busses/cabs for different routes. Easily list busses/cabs information, routes, and seat availability.

Traveling Fees:

List down different types of busses & cabs along with their routes and driver description. Using Bookings for Gravity Forms, you can also mention traveling charges and rent for cabs. Receive your payments instantly through a supported payment gateway.

Bus Ticket Pricing For Gravity Booking

Life Time
Single Site



Free Updates For a Year

Most popular

5 Sites



Free Updates For a Year

30 Sites



Free Updates For a Year

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